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A script to generate the five Platonic Polyhedrons and to rotate them freely along their principal axis.
A perl script for distributed animation rendering over a LAN of computers (Ideally multiplatform, but you must have rsh, which is rarely the case with Widows.

A KNIFE python script for cutting a mesh along a given infinite plane.
A thumbnail generator for YafRay and Yable. vers 0.0.1
A script to create daylight animations from still scenes

Blender World Forge 0.1.0 Zip file (with script and doc - 585kb)
Blender Julia Fractals 0.0.1
Zip file (script & doc - 156 kb)
Blender Analytical Geometry 0.0.5
Zip file (script - 206 kb)
Blender Mechanical Gears 0.0.2
Zip file (script - 490kb)